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2018 22nd June Newsletter.pdfNewsletter June 22nd2018 22nd June Newsletter22/06/20186210 KB
2018 8th June Newsletter.pdfNewsletter June 8th2018 8th June Newsletter8/06/20182078 KB
2018 25th May Newsletter.pdfNewsletter May 25th2018 25th May Newsletter25/05/20182416 KB
2018 11th May27 Newsletter.pdfNewsletter May 11th2018 11th May27 Newsletter11/05/20183130 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  15.pdfNewsletter Issue 15Kairi Newsletter Issue 1530/08/2017239 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  14.pdfNewsletter Issue 14Kairi Newsletter Issue 1416/08/2017489 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  13.pdfNewsletter Issue 13Kairi Newsletter Issue 132/08/2017488 KB
Kairi SS Newsletter Issue 8.pdfNewsletter Issue 8Kairi SS Newsletter Issue 824/07/2017169 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  9.pdfNewsletter Issue 9Kairi Newsletter Issue 924/07/2017419 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  10.pdfNewsletter Issue 10Kairi Newsletter Issue 1024/07/2017563 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  11.pdfNewsletter Issue 11Kairi Newsletter Issue 1124/07/2017287 KB
Kairi Newsletter Issue  12.pdfNewsletter Issue 12Kairi Newsletter Issue 1224/07/2017408 KB
Newsletter Issue 07.pdfNewsletter Issue 7Newsletter Issue 0728/04/2017906 KB
Chaplain's Corner 21April17.pdfChaplain's Corner 21April17Chaplain's Corner 21April1728/04/2017280 KB
Newsletter Issue 6.pdfNewsletter Issue 6Newsletter Issue 628/03/2017662 KB
How to interpret your childs report card.pdfHow to interpret your child's report cardHow to interpret your childs report card28/03/201791 KB
Newsletter Issue 05.pdfNewsletter Issue 5Newsletter Issue 058/03/2017623 KB
Newsletter Issue 04.pdfNewsletter Issue 4 2017 (Sorry was supposed to be issue 3)Newsletter Issue 0424/02/2017699 KB
Newsletter Issue 02.pdfNewsletter Issue 2 2017Newsletter Issue 028/02/2017823 KB
Newsletter Issue 01.pdfNewsletter Issue 1 2017Newsletter Issue 0125/01/2017556 KB
Newsletter Issue 17.pdfNewsletter Issue 17Newsletter Issue 1722/11/2016806 KB
Newsletter Issue 16.pdfNewsletter Issue 16Newsletter Issue 169/11/2016495 KB
Newsletter Issue 14.pdfNewsletter Issue 14Newsletter Issue 1426/10/2016800 KB
Newsletter Issue 15.pdfNewsletter Issue 15Newsletter Issue 1526/10/20161000 KB
Newsletter Issue 12.pdfNewsletter Issue 12Newsletter Issue 1231/08/20161005 KB
Newsletter Issue 11.pdfNewsletter Issue 11Newsletter Issue 1117/08/2016998 KB
Staffroom for Improvement.pdfStaffroom Improvement CompetitionStaffroom for Improvement17/08/2016584 KB
Newsletter Issue 10.pdfNewsletter Issue 10Newsletter Issue 104/08/2016881 KB
Newsletter Issue 09.pdfNewsletter Issue 9Newsletter Issue 0919/07/2016661 KB
Newsletter Issue 08.pdfNewsletter Issue 8Newsletter Issue 0813/06/2016739 KB
KSS_Arts Extravaganza_A4.pdfKairi School Arts ExtravaganzaKSS_Arts Extravaganza_A41/06/20161605 KB
Bacon and Egg Stall Roster.pdfP&C fundrasier stallBacon and Egg Stall Roster1/06/201615 KB
LIFE EDUCATION.pdfLife Education permission formLIFE EDUCATION1/06/2016115 KB
Nationally Consistent Collection Data.pdfNationally Consistent Collection of DataNationally Consistent Collection Data1/06/201680 KB
Engraved Pavers.pdfP&C Engraved Paver Order formEngraved Pavers25/05/2016138 KB
Issue 5 inserts.pdfNewsletter Issue 5 insertsIssue 5 inserts6/05/2016527 KB
TENDER - TOSHIBA COPIER.pdfTender - Toshiba CopierTENDER - TOSHIBA COPIER19/04/2016209 KB
TENDER - KUBOTA RIDEON.pdfTender - Kubota Ride-OnTENDER - KUBOTA RIDEON19/04/2016213 KB
Life Education Harold Giraffe.pdfLife Education visitLife Education Harold Giraffe19/04/2016441 KB
PandC Tuckshop Volunteers.pdfP&C Tuckshop volunteersPandC Tuckshop Volunteers19/04/201633 KB
Newsletter Issue 03.pdfNewsletter Issue 3Newsletter Issue 0316/03/2016457 KB
Chaplain newsletter issue 3.pdfChaplain newsletter issue 3Chaplain newsletter issue 316/03/2016272 KB
Mosquito spray.pdfMosquito spray letterMosquito spray9/03/2016114 KB
executiveflyer.pdf2016 P&C Executiveexecutiveflyer4/03/2016218 KB
Flyer for ASD support meeting 9 March 2016.pdfASD Meeting InvitationFlyer for ASD support meeting 9 March 20164/03/2016631 KB
Newsletter_Issue_1_2016_02_03.pdfNewsletter Issue 1 2016Newsletter_Issue_1_2016_02_034/02/2016860 KB
Newsletter Issue 17__2015_11_24.pdfNewsletter Issue 17Newsletter Issue 17__2015_11_2425/11/2015750 KB
Newsletter Issue 16__2015_11_10.pdfNewsletter Issue 16Newsletter Issue 16__2015_11_1010/11/2015639 KB
Presentation Invite.pdfPresentation InvitePresentation Invite10/11/2015168 KB
GRG-snapshot-report.pdfGRG Snapshot ReportGRG-snapshot-report10/11/2015298 KB
Family Portrait Flyer.pdfFamily Portrait FlyerFamily Portrait Flyer29/10/2015248 KB
Newsletter Issue 15__2015_10_27.pdfNewsletter Issue 15Newsletter Issue 15__2015_10_2729/10/2015565 KB
Newsletter_Issue _14__2015_10_13.pdfNewsletter Issue 14Newsletter_Issue _14__2015_10_1313/10/2015647 KB
Newsletter_Issue_14_P_and_C_Survey.pdfP&C Traffic Light SurveyNewsletter_Issue_14_P_and_C_Survey13/10/2015164 KB
Newsletter_Issue_14_School_Survey_Results.pdfSchool Traffic Light Survey ResultsNewsletter_Issue_14_School_Survey_Results13/10/2015279 KB
Newsletter_Issue_14_TUCKSHOP VOLUNTEER.pdfTuckshop Volunteer Term 4Newsletter_Issue_14_TUCKSHOP VOLUNTEER13/10/2015172 KB
Newsletter_Issue_13_2015_09_02.pdfNewsletter Issue 13Newsletter_Issue_13_2015_09_022/09/2015580 KB
Newsletter_Issue_12_2015_08_18.pdfNewsletter Issue 12Newsletter_Issue_12_2015_08_1818/08/2015666 KB
Newsletter_Issue_11_2015_08_04.pdfNewsletter Issue 11Newsletter_Issue_11_2015_08_045/08/20151036 KB
SCARECROW FESTIVAL.pdfNewsletter Issue 11 Scarecrow Festival flyerSCARECROW FESTIVAL5/08/201568 KB
Newsletter_Issue_10_2015_7_20.pdfNewsletter Issue 10Newsletter_Issue_10_2015_7_2021/07/2015746 KB
Newsletter_Issue_9_2015_6_10.pdfNewsletter Issue 9 2015_6_18Newsletter_Issue_9_2015_6_1018/06/2015435 KB
Newsletter_Issue_7 _2015_05_12.pdfNewsletter Issue 7Newsletter_Issue_7 _2015_05_1226/05/2015688 KB
Newsletter_Issue_8_2015_5_26.pdfNewsletter Issue 8Newsletter_Issue_8_2015_5_2626/05/2015581 KB
Newsletter_Issue_6_2015_04_29.pdfNewsletter Issue 6Newsletter_Issue_6_2015_04_2928/04/2015677 KB
Newsletter_Issue_5_2015_04_01.pdfNewsletter Issue 5Newsletter_Issue_5_2015_04_011/04/2015534 KB
Newsletter_Issue_4_2015_03_20.pdfNewsletter Issue 4Newsletter_Issue_4_2015_03_2020/03/2015886 KB
Newsletter_Issue_3.pdfNewsletter Issue 3Newsletter_Issue_34/03/2015556 KB
Newsletter_Issue_2.pdfNewsletter Issue 2Newsletter_Issue_218/02/2015649 KB
Newsletter_Issue_1.pdfNewsletter Issue 1Newsletter_Issue_14/02/2015566 KB
Newsletter_2014_11_11_Issue 16.pdfNewsletter Issue 16 11th Nov 2014Newsletter_2014_11_11_Issue 1611/11/20142064 KB
Newsletter_2014_10_28_Issue 15.pdfNewsletter Issue 15 28th Oct 2014Newsletter_2014_10_28_Issue 1529/10/20141512 KB
Newsletter_2014_10_14_ISSUE 14.pdfNewsletter Issue 14 14th Oct 2014Newsletter_2014_10_14_ISSUE 1414/10/2014511 KB
Newsletter_2014_09_16_ISSUE 13.pdfNewsletter Issue 13 16th Sept 2014Newsletter_2014_09_16_ISSUE 1316/09/2014424 KB
Newsletter_2014_09_16_ISSUE 13 backpage.tifNewsletter Issue 13 back pageNewsletter_2014_09_16_ISSUE 13 backpage16/09/20143190 KB
Newsletter_ISSUE 13 P_and_C Flyer.pdfNewsletter Issue 13 P and C FlyerNewsletter_ISSUE 13 P_and_C Flyer16/09/201420 KB
Newsletter_2014_09_03 ISSUE 12.pdfNewsletter Issue 12 2nd Sept 2014Newsletter_2014_09_03 ISSUE 122/09/2014744 KB
Newsletter_2014_08_20 ISSUE 11.pdfNewsletter_2014_08_20 ISSUE 11Newsletter_2014_08_20 ISSUE 1119/08/2014867 KB
Issue 10 back page.pdfIssue 10 back  pageIssue 10 back page5/08/2014426 KB
Newsletter, Issue 10, 5 August 2015.pdfIssue 10 5 August 2014Newsletter, Issue 10, 5 August 20155/08/2014676 KB
Newsletter 2014-07-23 issue 9.pdfNewsletter Issue 9 22 July 2014Newsletter 2014-07-23 issue 922/07/2014903 KB
Newsletter 2014_5_27.pdfNewsletter Issue 7 27th May 2014Newsletter 2014_5_2727/05/2014967 KB
newsletter 2014_5_12.pdfNewsletter Issue 6 14th May 2014newsletter 2014_5_1214/05/2014463 KB
Newsletter_2014_04_30.pdfNewsletter Issue 5 30th April 2014Newsletter_2014_04_3030/04/2014697 KB
Kairi Discipline Audit.pdfKairi Discipline Audit 2014Kairi Discipline Audit30/04/201479 KB
Tuckshop Volunteers.pdfIssue 5 - Tuckshop VolunteersTuckshop Volunteers30/04/201419 KB
Community Flyers.pdfIssue 5 - Community FlyersCommunity Flyers30/04/201451 KB
Newsletter_2014_3_7.pdfNewsletter 7 March 2014Newsletter_2014_3_77/03/20141004 KB
Newsletter_2014_2_19.pdfNewsletter 19 February 2014Newsletter_2014_2_1919/02/2014648 KB
Issue 16 2013 11 13.pdfNewsletter Issue 16 - 15th Nov 2013Issue 16 2013 11 1315/11/2013419 KB
Kairi SS sponsors.pdfKairi State School Newsletter - our wonderful sponsorsKairi SS sponsors15/11/2013449 KB
Newsletter-2013-10-29.pdfNewsletter Issue 15 - 29th Oct 2013Newsletter-2013-10-2929/10/2013545 KB
Newsletter-2013-10-15.pdfNewsletter Issue 14 - 15th Oct 2013Newsletter-2013-10-1515/10/2013829 KB
Issue 14 attachments.pdfAttachments for Newsletter Issue 14Issue 14 attachments15/10/2013718 KB
Issue 13 2013 09 17.pdfNewsletter Issue 13 - 17th Sept 2013Issue 13 2013 09 1717/09/2013639 KB
Newsletter-2013-08-28.pdfNewsletter Issue 12 28, August 2013Newsletter-2013-08-2828/08/20131433 KB