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Student leadership

The process and procedures for the election of student leaders have been reached through a process involving a detailed discussion and vote in a special student council meeting at which all members where present. The results of this meeting were taken to the P&C, who endorsed all suggestions. The following gives a detailed account of the school process for student leader election.

Purpose of student leaders: “To represent our students and our school”

At the end of each school year, eligible students from year 5 and 6 spend time in class preparing election speeches to deliver at a parade. Prior to any speech being written, the whole class of 4/5/6 discuss the roles/responsibilities and leadership qualities that each role requires. We also spend a great deal of time discussing what voters look for and require from candidates during an election.

Once speeches have been delivered, the student body votes. Students from year 5 and 6 vote, as do the staff. Students in yea​r 1/2/3/4 can have ‘dummy’ votes if they wish as part of their class; however these votes are not used to select our leaders.

Personal qualities of Kairi Leaders 

All leaders should show the following qualities and continue to demonstrate them in their roles throughout the year. The School Leaders should show these qualities even more! A Good Leader will:

Care for others:

  • Help out all other students – not just friends
  • Be kind and considerate to all people at school
  • Support others when they need help
  • Help to make sure every child is safe and happy
  • Be impartial when dealing with all students.

Respect others:

  • Speak in a friendly and polite manner to everyone
  • Behave in a polite and thoughtful manner
  • Always follow instructions willingly

Show responsibility:

  • Demonstrate excellent behaviour – follow our rules
  • Encourage all other students to follow our rules
  • Offer to help staff in carrying out jobs around the school
  • Represent our school positively
  • Be a positive role model to all other students

Show initiative:

  • Think about how to help and what needs to be done before being asked to do it
  • Help to solve problems before they become bigger problems
  • Support teachers in making Kairi an excellent and happy school for everyone

Show integrity:

  • Always tell the truth
  • Always be honest
  • Make polite and constructive choices
  • Always do “The right thing”

Be an Ambassador:

  • Positively represent our school
  • Promote a respected and admired image of our school 
  • Make speeches to an audience when required on behalf of our school
  • Speaks well to adults and kids